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Wedding Reception

Anniversary Party

Birthday party

Family Reunion

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Spicewood Community Center

The Old Spicewood Schoolhouse

Rental of the facilities

Rental rates (effective Jan, 1, 2022)

0 to 2 hours  -  $80.00

3 to 4 hours  -  $125.00

5 to 8 hours  -  $250

over 8 hours -  $300

$100 deposit required.  Deposit check will not be cashed and is returned within one week of rental if all clean-up responsibilities are followed. 

*Please note:  Rental time includes set-up time and clean-up time.  Rental fees are applied per the rates above for each calendar date that the building is used, during 7am - 11pm Central Standard Time.

Rental includes use of all rooms (large gathering room, dining room, and classroom), kitchen, and outdoor BBQ area!

  • The building has central air conditioning/heat, and many other amenities.

Plan your event by calling 512-755-3119.  We will be glad to answer questions, and even let you see the space.