Spicewood Community Center

The Old Spicewood Schoolhouse



Our mission is to preserve and maintain this 100+ year old historic building, to keep it functional for the people of our community to use and enjoy for many years to come.




Thanks to a grant from the LCRA Development Partnership and the generosity of volunteers and Spicewood residents, we have completed the following:


New central air conditioning units have been installed to cool the dining room, kitchen and old classroom.  The large meeting room A/C was completed in 2011.  Now completed, the entire building will be cooled and heated by central HVAC units.


New floor covering for the large meeting room, the dining room, and the old classroom.  The kitchen floor was recovered in 2013, with donations from the community.  Now completed, with the 2014 install, the entire building has new floor coverings.


The kitchen walls have been stripped of paneling, back to the original bead board.  The walls and trim were painted.


A new wall oven and microwave were installed into a new cabinet in the kitchen.  


Along with these above mentioned items, various small improvements, additions and renovations are being done to restore and update the building.


Other Projects


Addition of exterior lighting.

Modifications to the indoor electrical system.

Addition of a porch railing and roof.

New upper kitchen cabinets and new doors on existing lower cabinets.

Cabinets were painted, and topped off with new hardware.

The exterior siding was damaged in the hail storm a few years ago, we are replacing damaged siding and painting the exterior.  



We thank the LCRA and the community of Spicewood for all of your support and donations. We have been able to accomplish many projects in the past few years.  We hope that you will continue to support our efforts to preserve and maintain this special historic building.  Please visit our donations page if you are interested in helping.  We look forward to seeing you at our events and fundraisers.